Book a Tour Stop

  • Tour Stop Agreement

  • The Mobile Workshop tour will begin at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at 3:00 p.m. or the end of the last period. Shorter tour schedules must be confirmed.
  • We will need up to two hours to set up/break down the Mobile Workshop before and after the touring time.
  • If the Be Pro Be Proud Tour Team is on campus for more than 4 hours, a lunch break is required. Lunch break should be determined prior to Be Pro Be Proud’s arrival and coincide with the designated lunch period provided to the students.
  • The Mobile Workshop requires at least 120 x 50-foot designated space to maneuver into position. This is equivalent to 18 parking spaces wide by 2 rows deep. The Tour Team will discuss this with you prior to arrival. The Mobile Workshop cannot be located in or block bus, carpool or fire lanes.
  • Any space provided must be at or near level. Areas that do not conform to this need must be discussed with the Tour Team prior to arrival.
  • Entry and exit routes must allow for 110” width and 15’ height minimum free of tree limbs, shrubbery, and any other obstructions.
  • If entry/exit is problematic for a full-length commercial tractor/trailer, the host must secure police assistance if/when traffic needs to be stopped.
  • This space should be coned off before the Mobile Workshop arrives on campus two hours before tours begin.
  • Be Pro Be Proud’s Tour Team will confirm the logistics at least 7 days prior to your scheduled tour date.
  • Be Pro Be Proud requires 14-days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled tour stop date. If the school is closed due to inclement weather, the tour stop will be canceled. In the event of cancellation schools may reach out to tour manager Amanda Grainger ( to reschedule the Mobile Workshop.
  • Tours of the Mobile Workshop are for eighth grade and above. No one under the age of 13.
  • Each session/tour group requires 1 teacher.
  • Teachers must inform the Be Pro Tour Team of any student that does not wish to be included in photography.
  • Teachers are asked to provide 2 students to volunteer and assist the Be Pro Tour Team, on the Mobile Workshop, in the Most Valuable Pros Program for the duration of the Tour Stop.
  • Teachers will direct students to JOIN THE MOVEMENT after completing their tour. Once students select JOIN THE MOVEMENT on they will be redirected to Tallo, where they will build an online profile that allows them to explore companies in their industries of interests and career opportunities.